I’ve had a draft post about the anti-racism protests that have swelled through June since police killed George Floyd. I have hesitated over and over to hit publish because I’m afraid of not saying the right thing.

But staying silent is the wrong choice. In my personal life, I’ve been doing a lot of listening, reading, planning and making donations where I can. But as a business owner with an online space (albeit a small one), I don’t want to remain silent.

Here’s a post I shared on social media today reflecting my thoughts on my sincere but deeply imperfect approach to becoming a better ally.

Juneteenth is about celebrating emancipation. But we all know slavery was hardly the end of white supremacy and black oppression in our country. If you’ve been paralyzed by a fear of saying the wrong thing or by the overwhelming breadth of this problem, wiggle your fingers. Take one step. Then take another. Let’s head in the right direction together. Let’s stumble toward a better world.

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I have been grossly negligent in using my privilege to dismantle white supremacy. I haven’t learned enough, listened enough, spoken enough, taken enough action or given enough of my time & treasure. Good intentions alone are akin to complicity. I am owning this shortfall.

I’m trying to find ways each day to amplify BPOC voices, show solidarity, read BPOC authors, call for action and give money to causes supporting the freedom, justice and well-being of BPOC.

In honor of #juneteenth, so far I’ve made a donation to
Birthing Beautiful Communities and The Bail Project, faxed KY Attorney General Daniel Cameron ((502)-564-2894 – use freefax.com) demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, am putting a protest on my calendar for next week and sharing resources on social.

There’s no amount of action that will ever be enough to mitigate my lifetime thus far of complacency, nor the hundreds of years of oppression that have brought us to this place. I’m sharing this to say I’m trying, to hold myself accountable, and to challenge myself to keep at it.

It’s uncomfortable to risk saying the wrong thing. But saying nothing is worse. I am striving for authentic allyship, and I’ll surely mess up along the way. But this privilege is a debt well past due. If you haven’t taken action yet, today’s a great day to start.

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