Another email list?

The Internet is chock full of free nonprofit marketing resources. You could spend the rest of existence trawling the web and paying the email address subscription toll for tools that may or may not work for you.

Why should you trust me with your limited time?

Take a quick peek under your desk. No, not that gum wrapper. Whoa, that’s…a lot of paper clips, but not those, either.

Your shoes. I’ve been in them.

I’ve been responsible for all communications and marketing for an organization. I know it can feel like you’re standing at the foot of a mountain in flip-flops with a light snack and no map. Your executive director and your board are standing behind you with encouraging noises and a stopwatch and saying, “Go for it! Get us up there!”

(Or, ugh, let’s be honest–Their encouragement could sound more like, “Go viral!”)

Maybe they’ve even secured the assistance of a few well-meaning professional volunteers to point you in the right direction, but those guides haven’t climbed this mountain. And when they did climb a mountain, they had freeze-dried rations and those special spiked shoes. They had rope. They had a team.

I know what it means to be stretched so thin you can’t imagine finding time to even prioritize your tasks, let alone tackle them. To doubt your capabilities because you’ve been asked to do just about everything.

This solo expedition, sure, it’s a little scary. A little overwhelming. But there’s freedom to forging your own way, and when you hit a peak, the view from how far you’ve come can be incredible.

There’s freedom to forging your own way, and when you hit a peak, the view from how far you’ve come can be incredible.

Collective Reach

I’ve climbed your mountain. In flip-flops.

What I have learned is that you can find success (and–just as importantly–sanity) in nonprofit marketing through agility, pragmatism and well-honed creative intuition. You can build yourself systems to make your life easier, develop a network of specialists to fill in the expertise blanks for you, and take charge of your own professional growth as you move the needle for your mission.

I’m not going to lead you around a boulder and part some branches to show you a secret escalator to take you to the top of that mountain, but I can lend you a hand, help you draw your map, and keep you company on this journey.

Mail, yes. Junk? No.

I’m not going to swamp your inbox with useless marketing information or tons of sales pitches. Being the consultant I wished I’d had as a solo communicator means helping you improve your communications, even if you can’t afford to hire me one-on-one.

You’ll get one or two worthwhile newsletters every month. And to thank you for trusting me with your inbox, I’ll send you instant access to a free worksheet to help you plan your year and extend your reach.

Sound good? Enter your details below, and I’ll see you in your inbox!

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