Working from home these days? Me too. I mean, I’ve been working from home, but now so is my husband. And my kids are home.

And we’re hunkering down, trying to keep our germs to ourselves and looking for ways to remain productive, stay sane and give back in the small ways we can as society at large adapts to this constantly evolving crisis.

I’m here to help if you need me.

I’m continuing to work with clients on ongoing projects, and I’m available to help consult or produce content for your organization if you’re navigating communications with your stakeholders. I had planned to spend a few weeks next month building out a new suite of free resources–but with a two-year-old and four-year-old in my house, that may or may not happen.

But also, I started a podcast

I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, and what better time than at the end of the world as we know it? (Emphasis on the “as we know it” part. I’m not saying this is the apocalypse, but I am certain that everything, everything will be different once the dust settles.)

In the meantime, I hope you’ll listen to the Social Distance Happy Hour. The audio quality is about what you’d expect for an on-the-fly, brand-new podcasters podcast, publishing as frequently as we can. But my hope is that the content will help me (and you!) stay connected while we’re staying home.

Listen to the Social Distance Happy Hour

Listen to the latest episode below, and subscribe on Spotify! You can also follow the podcast on Twitter at @distancehour.

Be a Guest on the Social Distance Happy Hour

I’m also looking for guests to share their perspectives, insights and tips. If you’d like to share how your work-from-home situation is working, ask for our unqualified advice or share a tale of infuriating TP hoarding, you can leave a message to be featured on the show.

Or get in touch if you’d like to record live! It’s almost as good as a real happy hour. (BYOB).

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