Get more done with someone who gets you.

Collective Reach helps nonprofits and social enterprises extend their reach through communications. Collective Reach provides branding, content, design and communications project management support.

Trying to do it all?

I’m Reanna Karousis, and I founded Collective Reach after many years in marketing, communications and development at nonprofits and public agencies. Over the years, I did a little bit of everything: I wrote web content, managed social media, planned profitable fundraising events, secured multimillion-dollar federal grants, worked with national media outlets on high profile stories, developed brand identities, shot and edited video, created programs for employees and clients, and honed my graphic design skills. I also learned that the “little bit of everything” M.O. so common to small communications teams is both a great strength and a great source of anxiety and self-doubt.

You can DIY, but you can’t do it all.

When resources are scarce, solo communicators get good at doing it ourselves, but we still can’t do it all. And in the broader marketing world where it seems everyone is a specialist, we can’t know it all either. Instead of feeling empowered by all we seek to do, we feel inadequate. Add to that the isolation that comes from working solo, and very bright talent starts to look like burnout.

Through Collective Reach, I seek to be the resource I wish I’d had as a solo communicator.

Bright ideas and mission fuel.

Through one-on-one services, community building and industry education that helps small teams leverage what they have, Collective Reach seeks to be the go-to communications resource for small teams at nonprofits, social enterprises and mission-minded small businesses.

Communicators know, live and breathe the Big Why behind the their work.

My goal at Collective Reach is to leverage the strength of these human pilot lights by sparking passion, illuminating ideas and cultivating connection.

Whether you’re a solo marketing manager, an executive director expected to do it all, or a board member or a startup founder, Collective Reach is for you.

Welcome! Get comfortable, take a look around, and get in touch if you’d like to get more done with someone who gets you.

A little more about me

I grew up in a rural suburb of Northeast Ohio and spent my childhood reading books and getting muddy before packing up and studying journalism at Ohio University, where I also minored in business and psychology.

I love Cleveland and spent a few years walking the two miles to work downtown each morning from my home in Ohio City.

Following the birth of my first child, I moved back to the country to my grandparents’ old farm, where I now live with my husband, two sons and an assortment of animals. When I’m not helping my clients muck through the delightful chaos of mission-driven communications, you can find me reading advice columns, binge-listening to podcasts or, let’s be honest—folding laundry.

You can see more of my work at and find me on Twitter at @reannakwrites.

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